23 Mayıs 2011 Pazartesi


July 13,2010

1.Outcast,The(Call to Arms)
2.We Stitch These Wounds   
3.Beautiful Remains        
4.Children Surrender       
5.Perfect Weapon           
6.Knives and Pens          
7.Mortician's Daughter     
8.All Your Hate            
9.Heaven's Calling         
10.Never Give In           
11.Sweet Blasphemy         

June 14,2011

*Die For You
  *Fallen Angels
  *God Bless You
*Love Isn't Always Fail
*New Religion
*Rebel Love Song
*Set The World On Fire
*Smoke and Mirrors
*Youth and Whisky

PS:Set The World On Fire is the newest Black Veil Brides album.We can listen whole album on June 14 :) Can't wait!!   

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